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David Ríos Insua院士已撰写学术专著17部,在《Management Science》,《Decision Analysis》,《European Journal of Operational Research》,《Risk Analysis》等一系列重要学术期刊上发表学术论文200余篇。


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David Rios Insua 院士在2010年和2012年分别入围美国运筹学与管理科学学会(INFORMS)决策分析实践奖总决赛,国际运筹学会联合会(INFORS)运筹学发展奖二等奖,2012年获SRA风险分析最佳论文奖,2013年获美国运筹学与管理科学学会(INFORMS)决策分析协会最佳著作奖,2016年获FEI创新研究员奖(Innovative Researcher Award),因在对抗性风险分析方面的研究突出2018年获得德格罗特奖(DeGroot Prize),在航空安全风险管理方面的研究成果2019年入围美国运筹学与管理科学学会(INFORMS)弗兰兹厄德曼奖(Franz Edelman Award)。


[1]Ramiro Melendreras Award of the Spanish Society of Operations Research and Statistics, for the best paper by authors under 30 years of age, 1986.

[2]Extraordinary Undergraduate Prize, 1987.

[3]National Undergraduate Prize, 1987.

[4]Peccei Award (Intern. Inst. Applied Systems Anal.) for Young Scientists, 1990.

[5]IV ESABE Award for Scientific and Technical Research, 1990.

[6]Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Award for Young Researchers, 1997.

[7]Wirsbo-URJC Award for Research, 2000.

[8]DMR Consulting Foundation Award. Decision Engineering Laboratory, 2002.

[9]Honorable Mention to the Strategic Plan for Information Technologies, Quality Award of the Community of Madrid, 2003.

[10]Honorable mention to the Data Protection Plan, European Awards for Best Practices in Data Protection, Data Protection Agency. Community of Madrid, 2006.

[11]Accésit Award 2007 Everis Foundation, 2007.

[12]Finalist Dh Practice Award, INFORMS 2010.

[13]Second prize OR for Development Award, IFORS 2012.

[14]Finalist Da Practice Award, INFORMS 2012.

[15]Best Paper in Risk Analysis Award, SRA 2012.

[16]Best Publication Award Decision Analysis Society, INFORMS 2013.

[17]Best Entrepreneur Award 2013, Everis Foundation, 2013.

[18]Peopleosft Award Best ICT Robot Aisoy solution, 2015.

[19]FEI Innovative Researcher Award, 2016.

[20]DeGroot ISBA Award 2018.

[21]Finalist Edelman Award 2019.